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Deaf Ministry

Georgetown Baptist ChurchThe Deaf Ministry of the church was born out of a burden Bro. Lee Davis and his wife Ms. Vicki carried since the birth of their fourth child Joshua. Joshua was born with profound deafness due to a syndrome that he is affected with. Although it was long after Joshua’s birth that the deaf ministry actually began; it was from that little boy and his need to communicate that as a Church we realized that we must work with those who cannot hear.

The work started in January of 2007 with a class taught by Nathan McConnell from the Bill Rice Ranch. About twenty of our people took that one week class and studied very hard. The Deaf Ministry would not be what it is without the burden and hard work of Ms. Vicki. She was the driving force and ultimate organizer of the Deaf Ministry.

We have come to realize that deaf people only know what someone takes the time to tell them, and they must be reached with the gospel message. The Deaf Ministry now signs all three of our weekly services including the singing and the preaching. The people of the congregation have reached out to our Deaf visitors and made them feel welcome. This acceptance was probably made easier by the years of getting to know the Pastor’s son Joshua. We look forward to the day that the deaf will be a larger part of our church as a whole.